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What we do


Hip Structures

Hip roof's are also known as Ridge roof's and they allow for a rectangular shaped awning. These structures are ideal for 'high wind' regions and create an attractive awning.

The popular use for Hip roof's is to cover playgrounds, pools and bleachers.

Pyramid Structures

A pyramid roof creates a square shaped awning which is best used to cover smaller ares, such as, small pools.

Gazebo Structures

These are our most popular and efficient structure. The roof of a Gazebo structure is bent to fit the space and height necessary to create an attractive and strong structure for your needs.

Gazebos can be used to cover anything, parking lanes, pools, playgrounds, decks, seating areas etc.


A cantilever is a beam that is supported on only one end. A cantilever allows for overhanging structures without external bracing.

By adding cantilevers to our structures we can extend awnings over areas that might have limited space on the ground, ie: pools or we can allow for more area on the surface ie: parking spaces

Car Wash Extra's

We have developed a feature that allows for Car Wash's to suspend their vacumns and the tubing from our awnings. This has become a popular feature with Car Wash's because it lifts the tubing off the ground preventing excessive damage. It also allows for less material to be necessay and for the vacums to be raised to provide better accessibilty for all vehicles.

Safety Pads

Our safety pads are used to cover the steel columns and prevent damage to people and objects. Use them at your daycare to protect children while playing or at your car wash to protect cars from scratching against the columns.
The Pole Pads, made of condensed foam and a UV rated covering, wraps around the post and is secured with a strip of Velcro. The pole covers are weather resistant and made of UV protected fabric, therefore they have a long life span and will resist mold and mildew.

Please contact us to see about ordering pads for your structure.


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